Thank You!

We appreciate our contributors so very much!  We couldn't make an impact without your support! 


A production of this size would not be possible without the help and cooperation of our wonderful parents!  We very much appreciate all that you do to help make our Nutcracker the amazing show that it is, for all of our dancers and for the community!

Watch your email or check back here for signup info.


Job Descriptions

Parrot, Present, Party Boy/Sister, Angel and Clown parents must sign up for 2 backstage adult slots per dancer-

● Please choose 1 backstage time during Performances AND

● 1 backstage time either during Rehearsals, or a 2 nd time during Performances


Soldier and Mice parents must sign up at least once for the backstage adult job

● Backstage Adults

     o Keep track of assigned dancers and make sure they are staying quiet when not on stage; make sure costumes and make-up is on, hair is done, and dancers are where they need to be when called on stage

     o Ensure that NO food is consumed in the dressing rooms, nor while in costume

     o Arrive at least 15 minutes before full cast call and stay until last group member is picked up

● Backstage Captain

     ○ Ensures NO one is in the wings until/unless they are called, and monitors dressing rooms, halls, green room

     ○ Ensures NO one comes and goes through the green room door/house

     ○ Reports issues to CDT board member

Colorado Dance Theatre, Nutcracker Ballet
Colorado Dance Theatre, Nutcracker Ballet

Soldier and Mice parents may sign up for the following as a second slot: Parrot, Present, Party Boys/Sisters, Angel and Clown Parents may sign up for the following as a third slot:

● Front of House Set-up

     o Set out merchandise for the boutique and decorate the lobby during Thursday’s rehearsal

● Nutcracker Boutique

     o Training/Meeting on how to use the tablet based sales system during Thursday rehearsal

     o Sell items before performances (starting 45 minutes before show begins), during intermission, and after the show

● Green Room Door Security

     o Collect tickets after show to allow parents with tickets backstage to pick up/sign out their dancer (may only sign up for this job once)

● Front of House Strike

     o Clean up after Sunday performance

     o Put away boutique items and front of house decorations

     o Take to the dock

Colorado Dance Theatre, Nutcracker Ballet

● Backstage Security

     o Arrive at least 15 minutes before full cast call - Rehearsal and Performance days

     o Signing cast members in and out of UCCC and monitor entrance for unapproved visitors

     o Monitoring door between green room and hallway - Performance days only

● Make-up Assistants

     o Training workshop on Wednesday, December 5 during rehearsals - required for everyone doing this job

     o Apply makeup for specialty roles - parrots, mice, and clowns

     o Supplies and directions will be provided

● Costuming Assistants

     o Steaming costumes, getting Mother Ginger in and out of costume, and helping costume crew as needed

● Ticket Scanners

     o Scan tickets as patrons enter the theatre

     o Report one hour before show begins and finish just before the curtain

     o Training will be provided by UCCC staff

Colorado Ballet Theatre | The Nutcracker Ballet
Colorado Ballet Theatre | The Nutcracker Ballet