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The Nutcracker is an 1892 two-act ballet set to the orchestral score by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, one of his most famous compositions. The Nutcracker is a tradition around the world during the Yuletide Season.  Colorado Dance Theatre is proud to present The Nutcracker to the Northern Colorado community since 1995.

Colorado Dance Theatre, The Nutcracker Ballet

Act I:

The story opens as party guests arrive at their friends' holiday party.  The Stahlbaum family hosts a magical party for relatives and close friends who dance together in celebration.  The mysterious Herr Drosselmeyer is the children's favorite guest.  He arrives with magic tricks, life-sized  dancing dolls, and enchanting parrots.  For his favorite niece Clara, Herr Drosselmeyer presents a special gift - a Nutcracker doll.  Clara's jealous brother Fritz snatches the doll from her and breaks it.  Herr Drosselmeyer repairs the gift for he heartbroken girl. then Clara and her friends gather to rock their dolls to sleep as all the boys pester them.  It becomes clear that the children are becoming tired and upset, so Grandfather calls for the last dance of the evening.  The guests say their goodbyes and the Stahlbaum family heads off to bed.

Colorado Dance Theatre, The Nutcracker Ballet

As Clara tiptoes back to check on her Nutcracker doll, she is surprised by Herr Drosselmeyer who casts a spell over her dreams.  She falls asleep on the couch only to be awakened by numerous overgrown  mice as the clock strikes midnight.  Clara tries to save her Nutcracker doll, but soon discovers that he has magically come to life.

Colorado Dance Theatre, The Nutcracker Ballet

The Nutcracker doll commands his own army of soldiers to battle the evil Rat King and his mice minions.  In the ensuing battle, it appears that the Rat King will be victorious.  Attempting to save her Nutcracker, Clara distracts the Rat King long enough for the Nutcracker to gain the advantage.


The Rat King is defeated, but the conquering Nutcracker collapses from his wounds.  Herr Drosselmeyer returns to once again repair his damaged Nutcracker Doll.  As Clara grieves, he turns the doll into a handsome prince and reunites the couple.  He then escorts them on sleigh ride through the Land of Snow, where they admire dancing Icicles, Snowflakes, and the Snow Queen who guides them on their journey.

Act II:

Colorado Dance Theatre, The Nutcracker Ballet

Clara and the Prince are welcomed to the Land of Sweets by a host of Angels and the various delicacies who live there.  The couple shares their story and Clara is honored for her bravery.  Spanish Chocolate, Russian Candy Canes, Arabian Coffee, Chinese Tea, Belgian Licorice, and German Marzipan take turns dancing their appreciation.  Special guests, Mother Ginger and her Dancing Clown Children join the entertainment, followed by the Dew Drop Fairy and her Waltzing Flowers.  The flowers invite Clara to join their dance.  The Land of Sweets is presided over by the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier.  Together they perform the grandest dance of all, putting the finishing touch to this delightful journey.  All of the candied delicacies return to bid farewell to their visitors as the story draws to a close.  In the end, Clara learned that she possess the power she needs to make her dreams come true.

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